Bedrock Workflow for Quick and Dirty Sites

Hello brothers (and sisters?),

Finally got around to getting a capistrano-bedrock install on my shared hosting platform.

It was a good learning experience and I kind of documented it on my blog. Not terribly in depth.

I have, as do many newcomers to Roots, a few dozen wordpress installs running on a shared reseller hosting account and am trying to figure out the best approach to incorporating these more sophisticated and professional practices into my workflow.

If I’m just hosting a quick and dirty WP instance for an artist or small business, does it make sense for it to have it’s own VPS? Would I then eventually be maintaining dozens of VPSs?

I’ve been enjoying the podcasts and would love to hear more from the Roots community how you’re thinking about and approaching these questions.

This is something I’ve wondered about previously… I have no idea what the optimal dev scenario is for roots, but for me personally I was looking to run staging and production on one server, which at least cuts the number of servers you run in half - I got some great advice from @fullyint here:

Staging and Production on same VPS

What I’m enjoying is that there is a theme, WP environment and full dev/provisioning environment all built under the same principles. On some sites I use Sage, on some sites I use Bedrock and eventually I’ll be using Trellis in a dev/production environment (still building up my courage).


In my case I can comfortably fit 5 or even more small business wordpress sites on a $5 VPS, but I often use a $10 VPS just to be on the safe side. Ofcourse the VPS will just serve the websites, not other services like email and such (SMTP for sending out server mail is handled by a free SendGrid account). Highly recommend switching from shared hosting to VPS’es.

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Cool! What deployment methods have you been using, man? How is SendGrid as far as SPAM? I’ve started using Google Apps which is incredibly SPAM-free, but not free.

Well very recently I’ve started using Trellis and Bedrock, I love it so I’m planning to slowly move over most if not all existing (and new) clients from Easy Engine to the Roots workflow. Before Easy Engine I did all the server/site provisioning and configuration by hand (LEMP stack), making mistakes and learning along the way.

I use SendGrid just for sending server email (like contact and signup form notifications etc), not for receiving email. I setup Google Apps or Office 365 accounts for those clients that ask me for an email solution.


I too have a bunch of hosted clients on that type of shared hosting (half on dedicated cPanel and the rest on rackspace cloud) and I’ve been looking at how to go about transitioning them. The hardest piece is email for sure. I have a few that are companies with 30+ employees and zero desire to change. Luckily they’re all on rackspace so i don’t mind keeping them there since it’s cheap. Ditching the dedicated for DO vps would cut expense by 75% though. And I could keep my current WHMCS billing system and run it either manually or with a DO addon module for clients with their own vps. I’ve concluded that it’s probably best to announce that I’m not offering free email anymore and will move clients to paid rackspace mail. They seem to have the best service for the money. Would love to discuss w ppl in similar situations. Btw, seconded: sendgrid for WP mail is the best. Php mail is so awful

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