Best practice to offer updates for Sage


How do you guys manage to offer updates for themes built with Sage? I have used github-updater lately but with the new folder structure that doesn’t work anymore.

Github-updater searches style.css from the theme folder and is not able to search it from subfolder. So is there any cool tips how to push the newest changes easily to the staging and production site?

Often the sage-based theme and bedrock are managed together in one repository,
both updated when using the trellis deploy task. - This also includes the plugins that are managed by composer.

But if you’re maintaining a custom theme based on Sage for sale or other distribution independent of a specific project then github-updater or simply submitting to the WordPress repository would work fine.

Have you get github-updater working with the latest Sage?

I would think that just adding a style.css to the root of the theme would do the trick. You’ll have to keep its version number updated manually anyway.