Best Practice: Woocommerce

Somehow I’ve been developing on Wordpress for 5-6 years, and I haven’t used Woocommerce yet (because I’ve always used Shopify for e-comm).

Let’s pretend I’m a newb and need to figure out best practice to integrating it with Sage, what would you recommend?

I’m hoping there’s some way to install it from the command line, but I’m curious what everyone’s different methods are.

Woo works well with sage. You can check this post post to get you started. And do a bit of search on the forum for specific things. :smile:

You can use composer to install it same as any other plugin if you use Bedrock.

For other things you can copy/paste templates from the woo plugin directory to sage if you want to customize them and for anything else, check hooks, action, filters since woo uses a lot of them and you can customize anything that way. There’s even a sass file for woo css if you want to create your own styling rather then doing overrides.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks man!

If anyone else has anything to add, would still love to hear it. But I’m happy to see there’s an actual blog post on it.