Best practise - change relative paths or dist directory structure

I’ve installed the bower package for Photoswipe The /default-skin/ folder contains the default-skin.css which references images files in the same directory. If I add no overrides my main.css now has relative paths to the images and expects to find them /dist/styles/ directory, rather than where they have been copied by gulp, /dist/images/.

I have a few choices, I could modify the source files, move the image files to the /styles/ folder, or try and recreate the sub-folder /default-skin/.

I’d appreciate any pointers on the best course of action and if this is something I can resolve just with bower overrides.

How many images is it? You shouldn’t modify the source files (since that won’t stay if you run bower install again, or a colleague does the same), Don’t mess with where the images go.

If you only have access to CSS, best bet is to just override the Photoswipe CSS with the correct URL’s. But it seems like they have SASS files available, you could set up the correct files to be compiled using their sass files and override the asset folder:

Great, thanks kalen - that’s just what I needed.