Best way to downgrade PHP version?


I’m new to Trellis, Ansible and everything that’s in the box basically.

I plan to use a WordPress plugin that requires ionCube Loaders and only supports PHP 7.2 (and it seem’s that they will take a long time to release a version that supports php 7.3), so I’m pretty lost and I need to downgrade PHP to 7.2 and install ionCube Loaders …

Knowing that my production server is Already provisioned and deployed, what would be the best way to downgrade PHP and install ionCube Loaders while keeping the ability to re-provision my server ?

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A good place to start is probably looking at this pull request which updated the version Trellis uses from 7.2 to 7.3:

I don’t think it’ll work to run this on an already provisioned server though. I think you’ll need to destroy and reprovision, or provision a new server and repoint your DNS in order to get an older version of PHP.

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