Best way to pull in Sage 10 Updates?

Hi Guys,

Since Sage 10 is constantly being updated, what is the recommended way to pull in the latest Sage 10 commits into your dev projects?

Howdy! Sage is constantly being updated because it’s a starter theme. I wouldn’t pull in updates into an existing project unless there’s a change you see upstream that you’d like to implement in your own theme.


Hi @ben

Thanks for replying.

There are some changes I would like to pull in but I am unsure the best way to achieve this. I am not that git savvy.

My Git repo resides at the root level of my project which is a Bedrock install, Sage resides in web/app/themes/sage. I want to fetch from and merge in updates to web/app/themes/sage - I am unsure how to tell git to merge the fetch into a specific subdir though.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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