Better strategies to improve workflow?

Hey guys, first time post and would like to start by saying thank you to the roots/sage community, we use sage vigorously at work for all our projects and you guys make each and every day a damn fun one, so thank you.

So we’re still running everything out of 8.5.3 with twig/timber setup and I’m just dropping into 9 to prepare for when we start implementing projects through it. I’m thinking i’m going about concepts the wrong way and was curious about best practices about how you guys are going about implementing stuff.

I’ve got an acf field on the front end for multiple post objects, and then in the front-page controller, i’m basically going through, getting the field, grabbing the post thumbnail src, and categories manually to be included within each project.

Thinking about this seems somewhat exhaustive in terms of workflow as doing that for each field or section throughout a site with fields can easily chew out time as compared to with twig/timber I could simply implement say {{ post.thumbnail.src }} {{ }}

There’s no argument here that twigs better or anything, I’m just thinking i’m going about things the wrong way or potentially there’s a better way to attain things. Do you guys have any pointers as to how your going about things and if i’m on the wrong path, or is it something i’ll look to automate in future?