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BigCommerce plugin template overrides


I hope everyone is staying safe.

I am using the Sage 9 theme and its working great except for an issue with template overrides when using the BigCommerce plugin.

According to the BigCommerce documentation, I should be able to override any of the templates I need, by following the folder structure listed here.

However I have found that the templates are only detected on ONE folder level, for example creating resources/views/bigcommerce/single-bigcommerce_product.blade.php allows me to override bigcommerce/single-bigcommerce_product.php but templates inside that folder are unable to be overridden, for example resources/views/bigcommerce/components/page-wrapper.blade.php does not override bigcommerce/components/page-wrapper.php.

There is a guide on how to overrides the BigCommerce template files here.

Any guidance or support on this issue would be greatly appreciated.