./bin/deploy.sh staging myparentdomain.com - Error permission denied '/srv/www/myparentdomain.com'

I’m attempting to setup a brand new site, on a brand new Mac, and after running /.bin/deploy.sh staging myparentdomain.com I get this:

While I understand it is a write error, there’s no details on why this issue is occurring.

Thanks for the reply.

However, I don’t understand what lead you to believe this is related? Also, I went ahead and removed the entry from known_hosts anyway and re-ran but am getting the same result.

A deploy error with “Permission Denied” is often either a key mismatch error or a DNS error.

Maybe I’m wrong and overlooking something, but I don’t believe that’s correct because this error is occurring after it’s already stated it successfully connected to the server. I am able to manually connect via ssh web@myparentdomain.com as well.

It looks, to me, like it’s a read/write error when trying to do something on the server itself.

Knowing that do you still think it’s key / DNS?

I think you’re setting a record for number of topics created on here. Can you please just buy a call with Phil already so that you can get all of your Trellis issues sorted out? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I forgot that was an option. Yes. :slight_smile: Thank you and sorry. :slight_smile: