Bitbucket pipeline - Unable to deploy dist folder to my server

I am unable to deploy dist folder to my server through bitbucket pipeline

# You can specify a custom docker image from Docker Hub as your build environment.

image: atlassian/default-image:2



    - parallel:

      - step:

          name: 'Build and Test'

          image: node:10.16.2


            - node


            - yarn install

            - yarn test

            - yarn  run build


            - dist/**

            - vendor/**

    # The following deployment steps will be executed for each pipeline run. To configure your steps and conditionally deploy see

    - step:

        name: 'Deployment to Production'

        image: node:10.16.2

        deployment: production

        trigger: 'manual'


          - npm install

          - npm test

          - yarn

          - yarn build:production

          - apt-get update

          - apt-get -qq install git-ftp

          - git ftp push --insecure --user $FTP_USER --passwd $FTP_PASS ftpes:// --all

Even though I have dist folder under artifacts, am I missing anything?

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