[Blade] Check for empty @stack

A @stack should be outputted together with extra markup.
How can I only output the extra markup if the @stack is not empty?


<section class="map acf-map">

How to avoid the element markup if the ‘markers’ stack is empty?

I would wrap the @stack in an @if statement that checked whatever relationship or repeater field generates the markers.

In this case it is a real stack to which something is @pushed.
I can’t use the stack name in @if though.

      <section class="map acf-map">

Notice: Undefined variable: markers

I mean use whatever logic you’re using to generate the stack. So if it’s an ACF relationship field, use @if(get_field('relationship_field_name')) or whatever.

Try this:

 * Determine if the stack has content.
 * @param  string $stack
 * @return boolean
function stack_has_content(string $stack) : bool
    return (boolean) trim(sage('blade')->yieldPushContent($stack));
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