Blade syntax for a function with a directive inside

I need to writte a function like this, but @asset directive doesn’t work inside @php. How can it be solved?

    $mpdf->WriteHTML(@asset('styles/single-pdf.css')), 1);



So, is it like this?

    $mpdf->WriteHTML(\App\asset_path('styles/single-pdf.css'), 1);

Have you tried it? :wink:

Just to expand on my answer a little, directives are essentially just an instruction to the Blade engine that says “Generate some PHP when you render this template,” so I’m pretty sure the it doesn’t try and parse them between @php tags.

If you’re trying to find out what a Sage directive does, they’re defined in app/setup.php.


Thank you very much! Yes, I Saw this directive in setup.php. Also, its function on the helpers.php

function asset_path($asset)
    return sage('assets')->getUri($asset);

And 'manifest' => get_theme_file_path().'/dist/assets.json',

And dist/assets.json itself that contains all stored URIs with hashed names, if needed. I think is all related.