Blog page shifts

Hi there-using Roots and I noticed that my blog page (as chosen by the Wordpress reading settings) shifts a little bit to the left, about 15px-the nav as well as the main-content. Any way to disable this?

this is driving me crazy, can anyone help?

I even tried a fresh install and am getting the same errors…

Can you give a link to the site?

Are you sure this isn’t due to browser chrome?

@markgray im in the process of uploading it to a test server so you can see, will post when it’s live

@cfx it’s very strange because in firefox it’s the other non-blog pages that shift! in chrome is just the blog page…

I was referring to “browser chrome”, not the browser called Chrome :wink:

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wow-it’s the damn scrollbar in browsers! some pages are long, some aren’t, duhhhh


html { overflow-y: scroll; }

Yes, that is called “browser chrome.”

@cfx good to know as I have never heard of that before. I’m just getting a site up and running and will eventually have content on every page so don’t see this is an issue but good to know for dev process.

Nice, Brilliantly spotted :slight_smile: