Bootstrap 3 RC1 changes

Hi All,

After receiving an update in my Inbox telling me that Roots had been updated, I thought I would download the latest Roots theme to see what has changed. I see that Twitter Bootstrap 3 now is mobile first. This is great if your project requires this, but sometimes you don’t need / want the theme to be responsive.

In the past that was easy, just don’t include the less files that controlled the responsive bits, but now I don’t see how this can be done without a lot of work, and rewriting almost every less file.

I love Roots & will continue to use it, as most projects require responsiveness, but I would like to know what are other peoples thoughts about this? Maybe I have missed something & maybe this is easy to work around, if this is so I would welcome someone to tell me how it’s done.

You could always use Bootstrap 2 or another framework, but you could also just force a specific width on your containers if you don’t want a responsive site (and using respond.js will take care of less than IE9)

Thanks @benword for the reply. I guess your right I could always use another framework (a pre TB3 version of Roots for example), but I really like TB & Roots use of it, along with the other really cool stuff it does. I was just wondering if there was a way to continue to use Roots on future projects with an easy way to turn on & off the responsive parts, as we could do in the past.

Sometimes clients don’t want (normally due to cost involved in the extra work, even though they normally want it a couple of weeks later) or need the responsive part. Fixing the width of the containers works I guess, but I wonder if there would be more to do than that, and then you could be in the situation where you are righting media queries to not make the site responsive and that could be as much work as making the site fully responsive.

I guess testing would be needed. Thanks though I will investigate this a little more. But if you or anyone else has any other ideas, it would be good to hear them.

I’ve found another way to remove the responsive side of things, well I say I have, it’s down to Bass Jobsen, he’s created the less & css files to achieve it.