Bootstrap 4 alternatives

Hi everyone,
the question is simple, are you still using Bootstrap (version 4)?

I’m testing the new Bootstrap 4, along with Sage 9, and I’m feeling the latest version has become a bit bloated and far from the previous version.

What do you think?
Maybe I’m not getting the strengths or I’m using it in the wrong way.

Thank you all!

Have you tried no framework? It’s pretty easy these days with Flexbox.


Actually, Flexbox support is one of the features I like the most in Bootstrap 4.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to have a “kitchen sink” with buttons, forms, tooltips (and other front-end components) and don’t re-invent the wheel everytime I start a new project.

You have all in Bootstrap 4, but it’s hard to override default variables without including 1000 lines of code.

I’m curious if someone is using different frameworks and their opinion about.
Or, I just need to get used to the new Bootstrap. :wink:

I am experimenting without a framework for a personal site. CSS Grid Display has made scaffolding way simpler and I’m finding that I’ve had to delete several unneeded containers that are currently in Sage. My markup is as clean as it can get now, too. When I need a kitchen sink features, I’ll look at Bootstrap and use what I need.

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