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What’s the recommended branch for using Bootstrap 5? Simply changing the package.json in the master-branch doesn’t work with yarn build throwing errors.

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Are you using Sage 9 or Sage 10?
Have you ran yarn install after changing the package.json?

Have you ran yarn install after changing the package.json ?
Yes, sure. I’m using sage regularly but just wanted to update Bootstrap from 4.5 to 5.0 beta.

I’ve had this problem today. I’ve addeded “@popperjs/core”: “^2.5.4”,` to the dev-deps. Now it seems to work. (mostly, I was off to post a BS5 question when I saw this)

Thanks a lot Tim, I’ll give that a try. Which branch are you using?

YW, "bootstrap": "^5.0.0-beta1",
But same thing happened to the alpha releases.

I meant which branch of sage.
I’ve added the popper requirement but yarn build still fails with SassError: $color2: null is not a color.

–edit-- Whoop, forgot to answer your question I’ve installed dev-master

Don’t recall Bootstrap using a $color2 var. Is this something you’ve added?
What happens if you try to suppress it by adding

$color2: black;

to variables.scss.

But I might be giving you wrong advice since I don’t know where this sass var comes from.

Here we go: webpack 5 with Bootstrap 5 as PR feature branch for Sage 9.x:

Some things had to be changed, including some defaults (secondary theme color was missing) (Bootstrap 5 migration guide:
Clone the forked repository and check out branch webpack5-bootstrap5.
There are some PRs in preparation for updating Sage 9.x dependencies and also the sage-installer which adds extra files and config on top of Sage 9 themes.

Thanks a lot for the info regarding webpack5-bootstrap5 – is there a way to get this working for Sage 10 as well? I’m using 10 also for production sites and would like to avoid going back to v9.

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