Bootstrap not working


I’m trying to set up Sage 10 starter theme (Bedrock) on my Windows 10 + WSL2 system (Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS). To accomplish this, I followed the official guide:

After some adjustments, it seems that finally the basic theme is working. At least there are no errors when previewing the theme.

Now, during the Sage 10 installation there is no configuration script executed to choose the CSS framework and other settings, as was the case with Sage 9. So, I was forced to switch to Bootstrap, following this guide:

I got no visible errors during this procedure, but it seems that Bootstrap is not being loaded as expected. I don’t see any references to Bootstrap in the HTML and the normal Bootstrap classes have no effect.

Any suggestions?

After you build your theme yarn build, does the stylesheet in your public directory contain any bootstrap classes? I’m guessing that it should if you have imported bootstrap into your app.scss file.

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It seems that the problem was related with the version of yarn I was using in the Docker container. I repeated the whole installation process from scratch, making some adjustments, and now the Bootstrap classes are present in the compiled CSS file.
Thanks for your support.