Bower REM Version Bootstrap


I have some issues while I am using REM for my styles, it is conflict with the PX on the bootstrap Sass.

I think would be a good idea that provide an other version of SAGE with REM bootstrap sass because if people like me usually want to use only REM for the entire site rather than mix with PX and Rem.


hope we could have this for next update,

You can use Bower to replace bootstrap-sass with your preferred version.

ok. But does Bootstrap has the REM versions? or if you know any Github people has the latest version with the Rem?

And where can I change the Bower version on the Sage Files?


Bootstap 4.0 is based REM. Sage 8 uses Boostrap 3.3.7 uses PX. Try Sage-9 to use rem, or you can try a Sage Fork that is based on Foundation, which is based on REM as well.

Bootstrap 4 switched from rem back to px (for media queries and grid containers).

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Thanks for the heads up Mike.