Broken Theme Directory

I’ve setup two sites using Bedrock so far and only ran into an issue with the second one.

I cloned the roots repo into the themes folder under app/themes but when I activate the theme and visit the home page, none of the links are correct.

The path to the css and js files are off but I don’t know how to correct them. For example here’s what I get in the browser:


instead of


I’m confused. If you’re using Roots under app/themes then your asset paths SHOULD be http://localhost/app/themes/....

Why would you want the twentyeleven assets if you’re using Roots? Unless I’m missing something…

@swalkinshaw, that’s the path I get when checking those files in Chrome dev tools. It doesn’t take on the path of the sites home page so those resources aren’t loading, unlike activating one of the default themes.

Sorry! This is only my second Bedrock install. I’ll be watching your screencast on monday.

Please post a screenshot of your Chrome dev tools console so we can actually see what the paths/errors are for these files.

Here’s two screenshots, switching between the roots theme and the 2013 Wordpress theme.

We’re thinking this might be an issue with Bedrock and subdirectory installs. This thread has a similar setup and maybe the same problem: Deploying to DigitalOcean LAMP stack Ubuntu 12.04

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Sounds about right. Moving the theme folder into wp/wp-content/themes resolved the issue for now. Any fixes or suggestions are appreciated.


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I haven’t been able to replicate this and have managed a Bedrock install at both localhost/wordpress/ and localhost/wordpress/dev without any issues.

I would guess that the WP_CONTENT_DIR is being set incorrectly, which is defined here. Also note where the $root_dir variable is set near the top.

If you troubleshoot some of those defines we may have something more to go on.

@emaildano When using roots theme with bedrock you need to make sure you disable the rewrites feature, move roots back to app/themes/ directory then open app/themes/roots/lib/config.php and you will need to remove or comment this out: