BrowserSync doesn't work with DevUrl

Hello! Yesterday I wanted to drastically improve my development workspace, so I decided to install Trellis, Bedrock and Sage. I may have set the bar a bit too high for my level (beginner) but I feel I’m at the end of my rope after a long struggle.

Anyway, the last point that makes me blocked is that my styles are not reloaded on the fly by BrowserSync on my development Url (which is my proxyUrl I guess?) : http://tiberedebizet.test.
However everything seems to work on the local URL: http://localhost:3000 and the external URL: (which I don’t understand what it is).

For my changes to be loaded on the development URL, I just need to reload the page but I don’t think it should work like this. Am I missing something?

Here what I have when I run : yarn start

An here the wordpress_sites.yml :
canonical: tiberedebizet.test

I read all the topics in the forum which helped me a lot to move forward (I’ve done a lot of mistakes) but there I think I need a little more personalized help… Thanks !

Hey Tibere ! Congrats on getting your Roots stack up and running and welcome to the club !

I think perhaps you are a bit confused about how BrowserSync should work & it is in fact working perfectly !

When you run yarn start it should open a tab in your browser with the URL http://localhost:3000/ . This is the page where your changes will be automatically loaded ! Your dev URL (tiberedebizet.test) must be refreshed in order to see changes. This is normal.

Based on what you have written:

However everything seems to work on the local URL : http://localhost:3000

BrowserSync is working perfectly ! So just keep your eye on the localhost:3000 tab of your browser and keep on coding :slight_smile:

But I will give you a tip: SOMETIMES BrowserSync doesn’t detect a change quite so quickly, and in that case i always go to the command line, type “control” + “C” to end the BrowserSync session, and then run the command yarn build && yarn start . This usually works quite well to “wake up” BrowserSync ! :joy:

Hopefully this answers your question && have a great weekend

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Ahahah, I’m reassured then! I had so many problems to setup this workflow that I feel like I’m seeing them everywhere now… I guess I didn’t understand what this DevUrl is for, then?

In any case I need to read up on his three “technos” because I haven’t understood all their interests!

Thank’s for your answer and the advice !

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