Browsersync'ed page constantly refreshes after saving a .js file

Couldn’t find anyone on the forum with a similar issue, so thought I’d post. And, perhaps this is normal behavior.

On Sage 9 Beta, when I have yarn watching my files and browsersync’ed, anytime I save a js file, Yarn recompiles, but my sync’d page on chrome gets stuck in a refresh loop. I then have to restart Yarn everytime I’m editing my .js file.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hello, I had the same problem.
I’ve created a virtual host instead of using my localhost path (and changed the “devUrl” in config.json) and now it works well.
Hope it helps you.

Thanks! Did you change the devUrl or proxyUrl to your vhost?

I changed the devUrl to my vhost (“”) and kept the proxyUrl to “localhost:3000”.

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Excellent! Thank you! This worked for me too. I had my devurl set to a .com vhost, but changing it to a .dev and reprovisioning fixed the issue.

I’m having this same issue. Every time I save a .js file, Chrome gets stuck in a refresh loop and I have to restart Yarn.

I’m running my local dev server at

My config.json file is set to:

"devUrl": "",
"proxyUrl": "http://localhost:3000",

Any ideas?

What about your publicPath?


Thanks @ben! That’s totally the issue. My publicPath was set incorrectly. Fixed.

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