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Bud 5.0.0 Node requirements & debugging / error logs

Howdy. Found I needed to downgrade my Node.js from 17.2 to 16.x for Bud 5.0.0 to properly work with default Sage 10 dev-main - there was a problem with the proxy and target server otherwise:

◉ 504 [dev] http://localhost:3000
◉ 400 [proxy] http://example.local

Is there any way of enabling some sort of super verbose error logging to the console - or other means of debugging a Bud configuration?

Other than that, super simple to drop an old project into the assets and views of Sage10dev-main + Bud5

Now it’s no longer buggy, it’s my new best buddy.

For diagnosing issues with Bud, there’s bud doctor.

There’s also bud build --no-dashboard, or if you want all the things, there’s bud build --no-dashboard --log --log.level vvvv. You can see usage by running bud build --help.

Our CLI usage docs are currently incomplete, but here they are anyway.