Bud 5.1.0 Hot Reload Blade

Hi there,

I am using Bedrock + Sage (on Lando)

I have upgraded to bud 5.1.0 (and also acorn 2.0.8) and I am no more able to use yarn dev to hot reload *.blade.php files.

Changes to JS or CSS files are immediately fired and shown on page. Changes to .blade.php files are fired but I must reload the page to see changes.

I have also tried with a fresh installation without any customization.

Thank you

Can confirm I see this as well. Will address.

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This is being tracked at https://github.com/roots/bud/issues/1004

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Resolved with the release of Bud v5.2.0: Release Bud v5.2.0 · roots/bud · GitHub

Sage upgrade reference: Bud v5.2.0 by retlehs · Pull Request #2959 · roots/sage · GitHub

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