Bud development mode & development mode html stuck in a loop

Hi everyone,

I have just started using @roots/bud for a very basic project (pure html, js and css) and I am experiencing a problem. I was able to build successfully es6 js modules and css separately as per documentation creating a basic bud.config.mjs file, executing yarn bud build and it works like a charm.
However, when I try to run yarn bud dev, build gets stuck in a loop and visiting server url on the browser, it shows a cannot GET message.
Plus, if I run yarn bud dev --html I have the same problem but a blank page, in which I see that hrm generate a webpage that has my dependencies injected in the header (tailwind, gsap, alpinejs), but nothing else is shown on the page.
Any thoughts/suggestions?
Thanks in advance,


You need to share your configuration and application entrypoint.

Here is a super basic example of a working bud project using 6.3.5 (it doesn’t even have a config):

People will be able to debug better if you provide something to debug.

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Thanks for your quick answer, it is not a framework based project, it’s pure html, js and css I will try to create an example on sandbox though.

Here’s a vanilla one:

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Ok, I’ve just found out what was causing the problem, I setup tailwind.config.js to look on all upper folders, so it was probably also checking the dist folder.