Bud.js export default from .jsx without extension

Is there a way that when doing export {default} from "./PostsListing.jsx"; with React and Bud in Sage 10, that I do not need to include the .jsx extension in the export? Or is this more of something with Webpack/ES6 compiling that it doesn’t recognize the extension.

I was able to write something like this, but I feel this is not really that great to integrate, so wondering if there is something else I can do:

app.config(existingConfig => {
    const resolve = existingConfig.resolve;
    return ({

I could be wrong, but doesn’t ESM require providing the extension? There’s so many different extensions at this point I don’t mind being explicit with the full filenames


When I looked at the output for existingConfig.resolve arrays, the extension for js was in there, but not jsx. So I could do import {default} from "./path/to/javascript.js without the .js and it would compile fine. If I did that with .jsx it would not. Same thing with the mj* extensions.