Bud v5.1.0 released

Bud v5.1.0 has been released

Bud v5.1.0 is a minor release. It includes a couple anticipated features and bug fixes.

There are many fixes and core improvements based on feedback from the v5.0.0 release. Thanks to everyone who filed issues. There are a couple minor breaking changes.

Adds support for webp :tada:

We now have an automated release process and will be publishing updates much faster. Thanks for your patience! It took a lot of work to get to this place and we think it’s going to prove to be worth it for our project and yours.

Known issues

If you use npm to install bud, you may need to remove dependencies that are shared with bud extensions in order to install the update.

After installation, run npx bud install followed by npm install to resolve everything.

In the near future bud will relax semver requirements to address this annoyance.


There are relatively minor breaking changes for users of @roots/bud-imagemin and @roots/sage and one breaking change in core.

bud.assets requires absolute paths

If you wanted, consider the bud.path helper to easily get an absolute path.

Resolve relative to the the src directory:

bud.assets([bud.path('src', 'images/**/*.{jpg,png}')])

Resolve from the root of your project:

bud.assets([bud.path('project', 'src/images/**/*.{jpg,png}')])

In the future, hopefully this will not be a requirement. But for now it is.


We have switched to @squoosh/lib and there is a new configuration API. It should be an easy change. See @roots/bud-imagemin docs.


Users need to opt-in to specific features by installing:

  • @roots/bud-stylelint
  • @roots/bud-eslint
  • @roots/bud-tailwindcss
  • @roots/bud-prettier



Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

@kellymears @QWp6t @ben @swalkinshaw @austinpray


Heads up for Sage users! Take a look at the v5.1.0 PR on the Sage repo to see which changes to make to quickly upgrade:

Bud v5.1.0 by retlehs · Pull Request #2952 · roots/sage · GitHub