Bud v6.6.5 released

bud v6.6.5 released

A bugfix release for bud v6.6.x.

:adhesive_bandage: fix: wordpress@6.?.? enqueues react-refresh on its own #1913

:warning: breaking

react-refresh is no longer enqueued automatically. wordpress seems to be enqueuing it now; I’m guessing when WP_ENV is development. bud.react.refresh.enable() needs to be called in your config if you want to add react-refresh to entrypoints (but you’ll wind up with two instances of react-refresh running in the browser if you don’t do anything to account for the wordpress behavior!)

:adhesive_bandage: fix: @roots/bud-server proxy #1913

This fixes problems with 6.6.3 and 6.6.4’s proxy server setup. It also makes a backwards compatible change to the bud.proxy API. The docs have been expanded, as well.

  • :sparkles: improve: bud.proxy api improvements
  • :closed_book: docs: add bud.proxy options
  • :test_tube: test: expands unit tests for bud.proxy

:adhesive_bandage: fix: @roots/browserslist-config #1920

Fixes caniuse-lite upgrade notices and prevents lockfile conflicts. caniuse-lite now updated when @roots/bud is installed.

  • :adhesive_bandage: fix: @roots/browserslist-config caniuse-lite upgrade issue
  • :sparkles: add: export exact copy of default wp config: @roots/browserslist-config/wordpress
  • :sparkles: add: export exact copy of default next.js config: @roots/browserslist-config/next

:adhesive_bandage: fix: bud.provide does not accept string values in object #1911

Surfaced by this discourse topic.

  • :adhesive_bandage: fix: bud.provide should accept object with string values.
  • :closed_book: docs: update bud.provide documentation
  • :test_tube: test: add unit tests for string and array values

I am loving that we get regular updates with relevant fixes! :star_struck:
Updating is sometimes a bit tedious, but generally works well. Happy you resolved the yarn dev proxy issues of the last two releases.