Bud with Laravel Valet (and Sage 10.5). Correct setup and making local network work?

I thought I had bud figured out with Valet, thanks to this post. But it stopped working as reliably as with my older projects.

I didn’t have issues until bud 6.4.5 (although it was starting to give some trouble with local network css).

Now I created a new project with new Sage 10.5, and inside bud I defined:

    .serve( {
      port: 3000,
      host: 'celitest23.test',
      cert: '/Users/sergiarias/.config/valet/Certificates/celitest23.test.crt',
      key: '/Users/sergiarias/.config/valet/Certificates/celitest23.test.key',

generating a certificate with valet secure celitest23

Now this approach doesn’t work anymore in my local environment ( Browsers say: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

I tinkered a bit, and I found the correct approach would be the following:

    .proxy('https://celitest23.test', searches => [
      ['', ''], // Replace with correct address

Which loads correctly in the local network but without using SSL:, although the console gives this minor bug: GET https://celitest23.test/wp-includes/js/wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=6.1.1 net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

I tried it with bud 6.7.3 and 6.8.0, same result. 6.4.5 works with the proxy workaround.

What would be the best approach? In the past I used valet certificates because the browsers gave a lot of problems not having them, is it better now to avoid them?

@Davide_Prevosto; as the OP, do you have now the same problems as me? Did you find a workaround?