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Buddy Continuous Integration / Deployment

Has anyone here any experience using Buddy for CI/CD with Trellis? Or using WordPress with Buddy? A client of mine uses it and its pipelines and actions do look really neat, but I have not found any blog posts or articles on using Trellis, Bedrock, Sage or Bedrock and Sage using Buddy.

I only found a general tutorial on settings WordPress up with Git and Buddy. So I am curious to see if anyone here uses Buddy and what their experience has been.

I’ve never used Buddy, but it seems to work much the same way as any other CI/CD platform, just with a user-friendly UI on top.

Deploying a site built on Bedrock works pretty much the same as any other Composer-based application, which effectively requires two steps:

  1. Getting your files onto the server
  2. Running Composer

The Buddy documentation does provide an example of how to deploy a Composer application, which would work just as well for your Bedrock site:

You’d just need to account for the modified web root and environment variables within your hosting environment.

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