BuddyPress with Bedrock + Sage

I have installed BuddyPress with Bedrock + the Sage theme, but the paths for certain BuddyPress components seem to be getting screwed up. For instance, Groups go to http://domain.com/wp/groups/ instead of http://domain.com/groups/, so the problem is the “/wp” being inserted in the path. The forums are ok however, I presume because these are delegated to the bbPress plugin. I’ve also got multisite networking enabled.

Has anybody else encountered this or is it particular to my setup?

This isn’t much help, but I assume it’s something in BuddyPress not playing nice with custom WP paths.

It’s a popular plugin though isn’t it? Are there any others using it successfully with Bedrock/Sage? Could you suggest how to resolve this, perhaps tinker with the .htaccess file?

In it’s documentation it says:
BuddyPress does not work on installations where you give WordPress its own directory.

Oh wow. :joy: :shit:

Thanks for the info. Shame, I suppose this is down to hardcoded paths in the code base. So this plugin is no-go with Bedrock, nevermind.

nice, nearly 2 years later

still glaring at buddypress

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