BuddyPress with Sage 10

If anyone has a solution for getting BuddyPress working with Sage 10, it would be really appreciated if you could share how you got it working…

I’ve tried fiddling with a few methods for a couple of hours now like the following. I’m sure it’s really simple but can’t wrap my head around it!

use function Roots\view;

add_filter('bp_template_include_theme_compat', function() {
  echo view('page');
  return '';

I’m just getting the following error

Unrecognized extension in file: /srv/www/bedrock/current/web

OK kind of got it working by adding a filter

add_filter('bp_template_include_theme_compat', function($template) {
    if (is_buddypress()) {
        echo view('page');
        $template = '';
    return $template;

Then adjusting bedrock/web/app/themes/sage/index.php slightly

if(!is_buddypress()) {
  echo \Roots\view(\Roots\app('sage.view'), \Roots\app('sage.data'))->render();

This is a bit of a hacky solution but it’s allowing me to work on it for now.

If anyone has a better answer let me know :slight_smile:

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