Buddypress + WP SEO Yoast + xprofile fields

HI guys,

first I want to express my delight about roots framework, I’m working with WP for long time but first timer with roots framework… this is really top notch!

To get back to the point… working on a project that uses buddypress and WP SEO by yoast and trying to figure out how to sort my meta titles the way I want on buddypress profile pages. At the moment I’m clueless and was hoping someone more knowledgeable would help me out.

I’m trying to get the meta titles on buddypress profile pages like this:

[username] - [xprofile-field=“some field”] | [site name]

Any help/hint would be much appreciated :smile:

Many thanks!

Stack Overflow might be a better place to ask this. Or on Buddypress/WP SEO plugin sites.