Build-before.yml issues with Bitbucket Pipelines and Trellis

i’ve got a pipeline set up on my Bitbucket Repo to deploy my trellis site to kinsta. It’s currently getting stuck once it goes into the build-before.yml file and showing this error

I know this is because the build-before.yml file is for compiling assets on the local machine to copy over to the remote server. But I’m not sure how to get around this issue. Do I need to use the --skip-tag options for this?

The CI environment would need to have yarn available so it can compile the assets.

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The issue with that is each step of the pipeline can only use one image. And the ansible commands need the python image so I can’t replace it with a node image. I’m thinking that I may need to create another step that builds my assets with the node image and then continue with the other ansible commands in the other steps and just use skip tags to not build the assets again

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