Buy a Roots T-Shirt! (back for a limited time!)

Love my Roots shirt. Now, how about a combo shirt with Roots, Sage, Bedrock, and Trellis?

Now that would be a pretty suite shirt and I’d buy several.

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Good lookin’ out on that Dales Pale Ale hiding over there on the table.

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I think the Roots T-Shirt should come with a free beard with every purchase :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the great thing about grey is that it goes with everything…!

Looks like I missed out on the first batch … I’ve put a reservation in though!

Any change of more of these? I missed the boat but would certainly go for one now :smile:

Ah, just saw how that site works… me being dumb. Need a few more people to buy some to get a reprint, right?

Yup, the original can come back if 5 more people reserve a shirt!

Definitely want to release more shirts in the near future as well.

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Only two more reservations needed to bring the original design back

…and it’s back! 18 days left to purchase the original t-shirt:

That’s the best.

Ordered mine last night!

Oh yeah, you can watch a video with me wearing it. :relaxed:


I ordered another tee, but here’s a glimpse of my current one, not to be outshined by my girl Zuzu: a hundred pounds of hound in a nine pound container.


I keep on getting this error trying to pay with PayPal:

We received an error from Paypal. Please make sure your address was inputed correctly. If the problem persists, you may want to try checking out with credit card instead.

Everything is entered exactly like in my PayPal account?
Would really like to buy one too!

Unfortunately I have no clue since Teespring handles all of that - their help site says that you can call 1-855-833-7774 to place an order

Apparently there are some troubles with PayPal international transactions at the moment… They’re working on it

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9 hours left to grab one:

Finally pulled the trigger and bought one, least I could do!


Roots at CaboPress. :wink:

Tough life.


Haha, awesome, have fun! Looking sharp too :wink: