Cache with WP Rocket


Just curious, will using WP Rocket have any noticeable impact on performance on a site built with Roots stack? Or is it better just to stick with FastCGI?

Always avoid caching plugins whenever possible. I came across the WP Rocket codebase at one point and thought it was pretty terrifying (their marketing is pretty good though).

Are you using Trellis? Then yeah, FastCGI cache is the way to go :+1:


I’m not able to use Trellis in production, though I am using Bedrock and Sage. Are there any customizations in the Trellis FastCGI setup that I should try to implement, or can I follow pretty much any Nginx/FastCGI tutorial that’s already out there?

Any FastCGI cache tutorial should do. Every setup is mostly the same. The only thing Trellis adds is specific rules to skip the cache in certain scenarios for WP but there’s tutorials which cover that too.

I’m curious to know what you found terrifying about it.

Without the code in front of me I can’t provide specifics.

Can you please let us know what is so terrifying about it?

Follow-up please, as I am a user of WP Rocket in our agency.

You’re welcome to reach out to us about consulting if you’d like a plugin review done

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