Call roots_template_path(); in middle of page?

Hey, I’m trying to setup a page that my client can edit, but I only want him to be able to edit the middle part.

So I’ve built some custom HTML in a template page, and then I use <?php include roots_template_path(); ?> where I want the WYSIWYG editor to be able to edit.

The editor connects just fine. The problem is, even though the roots_template_path is AFTER the top section, it still puts the content above everything else.

Here’s the page to illustrate:

I want the before + after section to be on top, then the content section (starting with Charles) in the middle.

You’re unlikely to get help if you don’t post any code.

For situations like this I would usually edit the standard base file and include the following above the roots_template_path include:

if (is_page('testimonials')) {
  get_template_part('templates/content', 'before-and-after');