Can I just download Roots and skip Grunt entirely?

I’ve been helped by kind souls on this forum as I mess with NPM, Grunt, Bower and other stuff that is just over my head. I’m a CSS guy, but not into SASS or LESS and honestly, the sites I do simply don’t warrant it.

My question: If I go to Github, download Roots, activate and enqueue my own style sheet in addition to the included Bootstrap, will that work without issues? Can I skip all of the command line stuff?



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You can write CSS in Sass or Less. Most of the benefits from the Gruntfile (soon to be Gulpfile) don’t have anything to do with preprocessors.

We’re not going to be supporting people that don’t use the documented workflow. The Less styles in the repo right now are responsible for the scaffolding needed for main content/sidebar areas, so no, you can’t just skip all of the command line stuff.

You should use an older version of Roots that suits your needs, or stop being afraid of the command line, which is your responsibility as a web developer nowadays :wink: