Can Sage 9 be used in production?

I am new to sage and did a git clone of the Sage theme, it all works very nicely how ever now I am quire far into the build I have realised that my version is 9 and NOT 8.5.3.
Should I roll back to 8.5.3 or can 9 be used in production even though it is in Beta?
I haven’t come across any issues with it.
Also I have been trying to research when 9 will be in Alpha release but cannot find a solid answer.

So in a nutshell, should I install 8.5.3 or continue with v9?

Thanks in advance.

Keep going with 9. It’s great.

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I agree with @MWDelaney. Very little reason not to move. This thread covers the subject in more depth.

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Agreed, 9 appears stable enough to me, at least Ive not encountered any issues as yet, Ill crack on with 9, cheers all.

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