Can Trellis be used with LocalWP?

I’ve been messing around with vagrant on the side for years now it’s always been a huge pain. It doesn’t seem to to work very well, at least on linux, or ubuntu. So, I’ve been having trouble adopting it over LAMP or LocalWP.

Could anyone explain what I need to learn to make it make sense and be useable?

Or, and that’s the title question, is there a way to use Trellis with something like a LAMP stack or LocalWP?


Trellis is designed to provision (setup) a dedicated server so I wouldn’t recommend running it on your local machine. However, you can point Trellis at any kind of Ubuntu machine. Whether that’s a VM in VirtualBox via Vagrant (or another Vagrant provider), a VM using Qemu, or an LXD based container for example.

See LXC/LXD as an alternative to Virtualbox for local development for an example of that.

No guarantees on timing, but trellis-cli is getting local development built-in soon-ish and it will used LXD for Linux/Ubuntu hosts.

That’s awesome news!. That would make more sense on linux. I had been looking for an excuse to try LXD. Looks like it’s happening soon. :slightly_smiling_face: (Though for now it seems to be working fine, just by switching vagrant_mount_type: from ‘nfs’ to ‘virtualbox’ in the settings. Thanks again for helping with that. )