Can you "export" your theme to an uploadable zip?

Apologies if this is obvious, but I can’t figure out how to generate a “production” folder/zip to upload into a WP install. I have purchased the PDF from, but I’m still stuck.

I’ve developed a theme using Sage and really enjoyed the process. This was done locally on my machine with MAMP.

I now have everything how I want it, but I can’t figure out how to turn my theme into a production ready version. Is this even possible with Sage?

Again, apologies for such a beginner related question. But what steps do I need to take, or what documentation am I missing.

Thanks so much.

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Run that command then you can bundle whatever you want into the ZIP

Thanks - I had actually worked my way to that point - It was more of figuring out what files I would have to zip. What I have working for me right now, is all the php files and the dist folder.

Follow up question:
Once I use the gulp --production command, gulp watch stops working. Can I revert out of the “production” state?

Sure, just run plain gulp again. You’ll need to restart gulp watch between those anyway.

Huge help. Just wasn’t putting the pieces together.

Thanks swalkinshaw.