Can't activate Soil in local dev area - manually installed Apache, PHP, MySQL

Good afternoon,

First here is a little background with my development area. I have manually installed Apache, PHP and MySQL on my iMac. I have WordPress all up and running for a website that I am developing and I am just starting out with Sage for the first time.

I have WP-Cli installed, Bower, Gulp, Node.js etc.

After I placed the soil folder into the vendor/roots/ folder of the theme I ran the
composer require roots/soil 3.7.0 double checked the composer.json file and it is updated.

I then attempted to run the wp activate plugin soil and I get the following warning: The ‘soil’ plugin could not be found.

Any help, or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Did you check to make sure the plugin is in the correct directory? Do you see it in the WP admin?

Hi Kalen,

Yeah I didn’t realize I didn’t copy the files into the plugins folder, I had them in the

I thought that with composer you didn’t have to do that. So I am guessing that my composer is probably not setup properly.

You’re not supposed to install WP plugins from the Sage theme folder.