Can't bind to any events in playlist

Hi all,

For some reason the following code does nothing at all when a track reaches the end:

$('.wp-playlist .mejs-mediaelement audio').on('ended', function (event) { console.log('ended'); });

I’m not able to do anything at all with the playlist and js in sage. The following doesn’t work either:

$('.wp-playlist-item').on('click', function (event) { console.log('clicked'); });

I have lots of other working javascript in this project. I’m putting it in main.js and have tried it in both the home and common init functions.

this seems to be a wordpress/mejs issue rather than sage or jarallax as modifying the core file wp-includes/js/mediaelement/wp-playlist.js seems to work. However, calling it from the theme does not.

Anyone know how to bind to playlist events from the theme?

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