Can't connect to the database

I have made a recent post about not being able to connect to the database via Sequel Pro, unfortunately nobody has responded to my question so i’m just going to try again.

The first question i have is is it so that trellis doesn’t use the mysql instance that runs on your computer but that it runs it’s own instance of mysql? In this way it wouldn’t really matter if mysql runs on your computer or not because trellis will run it’s own instance of mysql? I’m asking this because i think trellis might be connecting to a different instance of mysql.

The next question is that i can’t seem to connect to the database via Sequel pro. I’ve followed the instructions via But i keep getting the “Unable to connect to localhost because acces was denied error”.

I also don’t really understand how the configurations inside of the vault.yml and .env file in the bedrock setup work together

If somebody could answer me any of the questions above i would very much appreciate it!

Thank you

Sjoerd Vermeijden

Yes, Trellis is a LEMP stack in Vagrant, which means that it runs its own instance of MySQL inside the virtual box.

If you are able to SSH into your vagrant box :computer: (using vagrant ssh) you should be able to access the MySQL database using Sequel Pro with the SSH tunnel. Can you confirm that you can actually SSH into your vagrant box and that you can connect to the mysql server from the vagrant command line using your database username and password? Something like:

mysql -u [username] -p

Also, have you tried using the vagrant plugin specifically for Sequel Pro?

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