Can't figure out how PHP 8.1 is getting installed in Vagrant Ubuntu virtual machine - need 7.4

I’m working with a slightly older Trellis setup before the php_version variable was introduced. When I run vagrant up I eventually run into composer install issues because of the PHP version on the virtual machine. I am using PHP 7.4 in my local terminal, and the task to install PHP 7.3 (presumably on the vm) runs successfully. But when I vagrant ssh into the machine and run php --version, it is 8.1. I can’t figure out how this version is being installed on the vm.

Idk if any of this is relevant, from vagrant.default.yml

vagrant_box: 'bento/ubuntu-18.04'
vagrant_box_version: '>= 201807.12.0'
vagrant_ansible_version: '2.7.5'


The PR for adding php_version shows how it was handled previously:

Upgrade Trellis :smiley:

Yeah I’d try to implement that feature above ^

You might be suffering from this bug Bug: Provisioning fails on "Install WP" task · Issue #1354 · roots/trellis · GitHub (which has been fixed)