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Cant find how to format laravel blade in vscode

I cant get VS Code to format Laravel Blade syntax correctly. I have found some articles of this but nothing seems to work. Most people seem to recommend the extension Beautify or installing the extension Laravel Blade Snippets. But nothing seem to work.

I mean, VS Code seems to be the most popular editor and I wonder how other people have solved this who uses Sage.

This is how it looks before I format with the Laravel Blade Snippets extension:

This is how it looks after I format the document:

I have even tried to install VS Code with only this extension on a clean ubuntu install on a new virtual machine. I get the same results…

How have you solved this?


The best summary I have found of the different solutions is found here:

Though as for the comment on that page who also explains that it is no longer working as of november 2019.

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