Can't quit 'yarn dev' process

I can’t seem to stop the bud ‘yarn dev’ process in terminal with Ctrl + C. Is there another shortcut I am not aware of? Sage release v10.1.2

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Hey @mtsnk, Try to type wq

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It should be “q”. It works fine on my end.

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@hallowichig0 / @Davide_Prevosto , Thank you!

@hallowichig0 @Davide_Prevosto thanks, yes ‘q’ works

Heads up that q as a shortcut is removed in 5.7.0 because of issues it was causing in CI for myself and others.

Sending a standard SIGINT to the terminal (ctrl + c) will quit the bud process.

If you wait to do it until you see [99%] [cache] begin idle before issuing the signal then the next build will be much faster. Quitting early will invalidate caches for bud and webpack.