Can't set admin_user

admin_user: ubuntu

I’ve opened up a trellis project for a server I spun up a couple of months ago, and it won’t ssh in now. I have admin_user set to ubuntu, but when I run ‘trellis ssh staging’ it insists on trying ‘ssh’, which is an invalid user. What could be happening here?

I opened up another trellis project where I’d also changed the admin_user. Running ‘trellis ssh production’ here also attempts to connect to

I’m so confused! Could something in my local environment be forcing the SSH user to admin? Or could ansible be reading trellis files incorrectly? I don’t even see ‘admin’ as a value anywhere else in the config files that could be passing that as a username to the ssh command.

Turns out that I was just confused. I’ve only used ‘trellis ssh development’. ‘trellis deploy staging/production’ works fine and properly selects the defined admin_user, as does ‘ansible-playbook server.yml -e env=production’ or whatever else.

So what could be wrong with ‘trellis ssh production’? Is it supposed to SSH me into the specified environment?

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