Cant sync ACF when deploy sage 10

Every time i create a new acf and deploy in prod, i have to manually export acf json and import in prod in wp dashboard, i’m not understanding why i dont see sync available option

in screenshot there is the default code for saving acf

You also need the acf/settings/load_json filter. ACF | Local JSON

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I keep a composer library to set this up for me on new projects:


@MWDelaney so if i understand correctly, installing your library allow me to automatically save and load acf from resources/assets/acf-json, if i want acf will be saved in resources/acf-json is it possible from your library?

You would need to fork the library and modify it to match your path needs.

Actually, let me correct myself: resources/acf-json is the old Sage9 path, which my library maintains compatibility for.

It should work: