Centrellis - Future Pull for Trellis to support CentOS / RHEL

Concept Starter Thread - Bedrock-Ansible & RHEL

Is your production environment RHEL or CentOS?
Do you prefer yum over apt-get?

If you answered yes to either of those questions - come help make a working vagrant + ansible to mirror what Trellis does so well for Ubuntu at https://github.com/Idealien/centrellis

The long-term goal is to turn it into a pull request for Trellis but as Scott points out in the starter thread, that’s probably a long ways off. So the interim goal is just functional parity on another stack.

Current Status

  • Windows - Vagrant up completes with commented out call to ansible-playbook dev.yml
  • Mac - Not tested

I prefer CentOS, so this interests me. I’ll help out where I can, but I’m typically an idiot when it comes to Ansible.

Latest commit - https://github.com/Idealien/centrellis/commit/8c65ff9ddc5dcf1bd46a59edfc137772f2d0130e

Ansible roles common + fail2ban pass in CentOS - though in roles/fail2ban/tasks/main.yml I had to add vars and setfact to differentiate the default log path based on family. See https://github.com/sbitio/ansible-fail2ban/commit/70a6b594a3d8e6789119751f675cfd593b6f2a3e for the basis for it.

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I am interested in RedHat/CentOS modifications. Been trying to do it today but the actual virtualbox hangs when you try to halt it. And ssh takes 30 full seconds before it logs in.

I see you deleted your project, any reason you abandoned it?

A combination of factors:

  • The repo didn’t get it to fully operational status
  • Most of my supported environments changed so that Vagrant could be an option again
  • VVV2 drastically overhauled their provision cycle that I now like it a LOT better.
  • While Trellis is good for some use cases, it is a too opinionated for most of my client stg/prd env’s
  • Next re-platforming I do would involve Docker, Kubernetes, etc that changes much tooling.
  • Trying to reduce digital clutter for projects I don’t continue to use / support