Challenges using NextGEN Gallery with Trellis

Hello, Good People!

Has anyone else had this issue using NextGEN Gallery with Trellis? - Each time I deploy, I need to make a fresh copy of the NextGEN Gallery images in the new site location. The plugin seems to be using the release path and not the symbolic link to the current site.

I have posted in the NextGEN Gallery support forum as well.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

In the response from the developer, the issue is with the plugin. How unfortunate!

I’m looking into a post-deployment hook to do the image copy automatically. I’d be grateful for any tips on how to do something like this :grinning:

From scanning through the code, it looks like wp-content is hardcoded in the plugin (which seems like…bad practice), not store din the DB or something. If you’re not willing or able to switch to a different plugin/solution, you might see if you could set up a script to symlink the folder that NextGEN wants instead of copying it: Especially if you start storing a lot of images, copying on deploy could end up taking a lot of time.

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